If you take out a loan, you want to dispose of your money as quickly as possible. But even the fastest bank must of course handle the application, and check the credit rating. But how long do you actually have to wait until payout? We have asked for you from well-known banks and providers, see the following table. The link in the last column will take you directly to the bank’s online application. 7 well-known lenders in the test: where it is particularly fast, and where it takes longer. 

That’s how we tested

How is the period until payment made?



An average of 3-4 banking days pass before the money is ready for transfer. But there are big differences. A loan with payment on the same day offers the Fin-Tech Viloan. Also very fast is the Paramibank loan with 2 days. Well-known institutes like the Camibank or the Bankate need about 4 days. With 6-8 working days the longest takes it with the mediator Maxcredit. The test was pretty straightforward. The staff were mostly friendly and competent. Once we had the “right one” on the phone, we also came quite quickly to the desired information. Only the waiting time at the hotlines was sometimes a bit long. The results were a bit surprising after all. So we just went from the known direct banks from a much shorter duration of processing. Almost as expected, the Financial Technology Viloan was the pioneer in terms of speed and innovation in the transaction.

  • On average, a borrower in Germany, including the transfer to his checking account, must wait about 5 working days for his money.
  • There are big differences: it is also much faster, if you know where.
  • Pure direct banks are not necessarily faster than the others.
  • Fin techs are very fast with the payout. However, there are restrictions on the terms.